Why playing online casinos are much better than visiting land-based casinos

Playing at the casino has evolved significantly over the years and it’s benefited the players. Online casinos have presented us with a new way to play. At the click of a few buttons you can take on the dealer at blackjack or play your favourite slots and it represents the future of casino gaming. It’s now a multi-billion-dollar industry worldwide and looks like it will continue to grow.

Here we will outline reasons why playing with online casinos is much better than visiting land-based casinos.

More offers and bonuses available

The vastly competitive nature of the online casino sector means that each company will go a long way in order to entice players. The easiest way of doing that is by offering appealing bonuses. Primarily, that will be done when you sign-up, with free spins or matched deposits popular methods used. Whilst they are common nowadays, it’s still a fantastic gesture. It gives players the chance to get off to a great start and get superb value for their initial outlay.

Furthermore, once you’ve signed up, the offers don’t tend to stop. Many online casinos will reward your loyalty and provide their own unique bonuses that will appeal to a range of players. Of course, some offers come with restrictions on when you can withdraw but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the initial offers.

Alternatively, at land-based casinos offers tend to be saved for the high rollers. If you’re a big spender at certain casinos it can entitle you to perks such as free drinks, meals and even accommodation. However, it doesn’t apply to everyone, unlike the bonuses you find online.

Convenience and cost


This is the most obvious benefit of playing online, you can literally play from anywhere. On the bus to work? Stuck on a long train journey? Or just bored at home? No problem, you can play online in any situation which makes it a lot better. The quality isn’t compromised either, with excellent software and graphics re-creating the casino feel, for all of the games. The days of online games taking ages to load or suffering from basic gameplay are long gone. Technology has advanced drastically and online casinos are more realistic than ever. The entertainment and excitement is guaranteed, even from your smartphone.

Visiting a land-based casino can become a night out, is it worth the hassle just to play your favourite games? You will have to dress up and arrange transport, just to play casino games. The prospect of staying on the sofa to play is much more appealing most of the time. Online casinos are open 24/7, 365 days a year, meaning you will never be restricted when it comes to playing.

Following on from that, visiting a land-based casino can end up quite expensive. Many players will enjoy the social aspect this brings which means they will drink and maybe eat out at some of these venues. That itself will see you spending, on top of taxis or other methods of transport. All in all, a night out at the casino can be very expensive and that’s before you’ve even hit the tables! The prospect of playing at home allows you to focus on the games and can save a big hit on your wallet.


Another benefit is the privacy factor. When you’re at a casino you are likely to be surrounded by other players and you may not feel comfortable in that environment. Perhaps you’re wanting to play with more money and don’t want people watching, or maybe you’re just distracted by the noise and players that are around.

Either way, you can play in a stress-free way online. There will be no people looking at how much you stake and nobody to distract you, enabling you to focus entirely on the game at hand. When it comes to games like poker, concentration can be key. You need to be focused to ensure you make the right decision and maybe the land-based casinos slightly impact your focus. You can avoid all that and play in total privacy online.

More variety of games

Whilst most online casinos will cover every popular casino game, they may not have the same depth or variety that you will find online. For instance, when it comes to the slots there are hundreds that you can choose from, whereas the online casino may not have the same volume. It might not matter to some players, but if you’re looking for a specific game it is certain to be online which can’t be guaranteed at your local casino.

Then, it’s the variations of each game. Video poker is an example of this. There are several ways you can play video poker, with certain players preferring different types of the game. Online, they are all accessible but again it may not be the case at a land-based casino. The same applies to variations of all the games including favourites like blackjack and roulette. You will always find the traditional versions of each game at a land-based casino but if you’re after unique ways to play then online casinos are the much better option.

What’s more, playing online can give you access to free games, which is vital before you stake. This allows you to learn all about different games without having to stake. You can build up your knowledge and play when you feel comfortable.


Overall, there will always be a place to land-based casinos, however, it seems as if they are a more attractive option for the social factor. Weekends in Vegas or even just a night out to your local casino will always appeal as they combine a fun night out with the thrill of the casino. Yet, if you’re just looking to play your favourite games, then online is the way to go. The bonuses and offers allow you to benefit hugely whilst the ease at which you can play is appealing. There’s no dressing up, no extra costs, just all the casino games available wherever you are.