UK casino gives away free champagne

How good are you at roulette? We all know that it’s a game all about luck – but in one casino, there’s more at stake than just your wager. Aspers Casino in Stratford, UK is offering lucky players an extra reward. There’s £1 million of champagne up for grabs through until February 14. Lucky Nugget decided to check out the offer, and how it stacks up against our top online roulette games.

Spin to win

The expensive Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades Brut Gold champagne that’s up for grabs.

Aspers Casino has promised lucky roulette winners the chance to win valuable bottles of champagne. First, you need to win a bet on your number when a repeat is spun, and you’ll get a promotional gold chip. You immediately need to wager this chip on a group of 12 numbers, giving you a 1 in 3 chance to win the bubbly prize.

The alcohol on offer is a bottle of Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades Brut Gold champagne. It’s worth £660 – so there’s more than 1,500 bottles involved in this massive giveaway! However, no matter how lucky you are, you can’t redeem more than five tokens within any given 24-hour timeframe.

Even though there’s a lot of it on offer, that doesn’t mean the champagne is going to be easy to get a hold of. When playing on one of the classic European tables, the player has to:

  • Have a valid bet on a winning straight-up number when a repeat number is spun
  • Play the promotional golden token on a column or dozen betting field on the next spin after receiving it

Limited time special

The European roulette tables at Aspers Casino Stratford.

The promotional giveaway ends on Valentine’s Day, giving British gamers plenty of chances to win a bottle of champagne to share with the significant other and really make the day pop. Or, of course, you could drive it all by yourself, or keep it unopened as a memento of your amazing luck.

Casino owner Damian Aspinall said that the company wanted to do something “really special” for the players who have “helped make Aspers such a success.”

A surprisingly nice part of this giveaway is that it’s exclusive to European roulette tables. These only have a single 0, giving them a much lower house edge than the American tables. This kind of offer could have persuaded players to play at the less favourable American roulette wheels, but the casino have decided not to push that particular tactic.

It’s no surprise that this giveaway has been popular in the UK. If you have any friends in London, tell them to try their luck soon – and perhaps if the idea takes off, we’ll soon be seeing this in other places.