Online or land based slots: Which is better?

For many years, playing slot machines was something to be done on a night out, whether playing fruit machines in your local bar or playing at a casino. But in the last decade or so the real experience of playing slots has transferred from land based to online. Suddenly you have the chance to play thousands of different slot machine games on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. It’s no surprise that online slots have very quickly become the most popular internet gambling activity.

There’s a lot of debate about just which is better, online or land based slots, and here we’re going to look at some of the differences.

Location and convenience – online slots win all the way!

Ok, this might be the really obvious one, but not all of us have easy access to our own land based casino.
Those that do, or anyone who’s had a great holiday in Vegas, can tell you that the experience of an authentic casino is on another level. The sights, the sounds, the free drinks, the crowd buzz when a big win hits, the whole totally immersive experience, it really is something we should all do once!

But for those of us who aren’t close to a casino, the world of online slots has completely opened up a new betting experience. You can play 24/7, wherever you want, whenever you want. Online slots offer incredible convenience, whether you’re playing from the comfort of your own home or on your lunch hour.


Your favourite slots, new games all the time – online slots win again!

If you have played in a casino, there are times you find it so busy that it’s impossible to get onto your favourite slot. You can stand and wait. And wait. And wait.

And then some lucky player walks away with all the winnings that should have been yours. Playing online slots takes this frustration away.
Any slot you want, any time, and no waiting at all.

Another great advantage for online slots is that they can offer hundreds, potentially thousands of different online slots for you to play, including the very latest games immediately on release. No matter how big the casino, there’s no chance it’s ever going to have
the sheer range of slots for you to choose from. Playing online slots you’ll find every possible slot available to you somewhere, including all the latest and most exciting titles.

You want the best odds? Online wins once more!

A land based casino is an expensive place to run, and no matter how big the casino is, there’s only so many people that can play at one time. So the house has to make sure it generates the money to cover running costs and make a big profit.

Online slots have absolutely no limit to the number of players and far fewer overheads to cover which means that compared to land based
casinos, their costs per player are massively reduced. In turn, this means they can afford to offer slots with a much better chance of winning. The return to player percentages in casinos on slots can sometimes be as low as 80%. In online slots a return to player percentage of 97% plus is a regular thing.

If you’re playing for the chance of winning often and winning big, the online slot game really is the place to put your money.

Safer on your wallet!


When you’re playing land based slots in a casino it’s all too easy to become lost to the moment, caught up in the excitement of the experience. And having the attendants coming round with free drinks for a dollar tip certainly keeps you at the machines too! The trouble is, it can also mean you stay way longer, and spend way more than you intended to.

Sitting at home playing the online slots means you can simply have your set limit and cash out when it’s time to cash out.

Comps Vs Bonuses

Here’s one thing you might get playing land based slots that you aren’t going to find in your living room. If you’re playing the slots at a casino, there’s a good chance a bartender will wander through to get you drinks. Play long enough and these drinks will be comped to you, and regularly tipping the waiters means they’re way more likely to come back regularly. Play longer and win and there’s every chance of comps for food, maybe even free hotel stays or food if you’re lucky.

Online slots can’t offer you comps in the same way, but they certainly try to make up for it with plentiful and potential very profitable bonuses. Sign-up bonuses are very common, with every online bookmaker offering a cash betting bonus for every new customer who deposits with them. But there are a growing number of bonuses available for regular online players.

Progressive Jackpots – online slots are catching up!

This has long been a major draw of land based slots games, where the jackpot builds and builds with every single coin that doesn’t land
the jackpot. But online slots don’t rely on individual players pushing coins into a single machine. So those slots that do offer progressive jackpots online can draw on all of the players playing online to increase the jackpot. Find the right progressive jackpot online slot game and you could be looking at a jackpot in the tens of millions of dollars right now.


Land based versus online slots? Which one wins?

We love slots here at Lucky Nugget Casino, evident by the fantastic range we offer players. Given that, we absolutely recommend that you experience the full-on experience of playing slots at a great casino, with all the noise, thrills, ambiance and excitement you’ll find there. But playing slots online offers you so much more. Being able to play where you want and when you want is a great thing. But more than that, playing slots online gives you a much better chance of winning, with way better odds and return to player percentages than a land based slots game. And if you want to do that in your pyjamas, that’s just fine with us!