Glossary of Terms for Blackjack Online

Ace equals 1 or 11 in Blackjack

People have been enjoying the game of 21 in various forms since the 1700s, and today Blackjack online is just as popular as its land-based counterpart. It’s important that players learn the game-specific phrases before they begin, because understanding the lingo could be the difference between winning a round and losing!

  • 21

This is the point total players are aiming for when they play. Numbered cards are taken at face value, face cards are worth 10 points each, and the Ace is 1 or 11 as needed.

  • Anchor

The seat on the right-hand side of the dealer.

  • Basic Blackjack Strategy

Basic strategy was created using computer simulations of every possible card combination and explains what move is the best one to make at any point of a Blackjack online game.

  • Blackjack

Referred to as a Natural when it happens as a result of the deal, this is the best possible hand and usually consists of 2 cards, an Ace and a 10 or a face card.

  • Breaking or Going Bust

A busted or broken hand is one where the player has created a hand of 2 or more cards and their total exceeds 21.

At the Blackjack Table
  • D’Alembert System

A Progressive betting strategy occasionally employed by players on even money wagers. When a loss occurs, the value of the stake is increased. When a win happens, the bet total is decreased.

  • Double Down

A second bet, equal in value to the first.

  • Draw

Another way of saying Hit, which indicates players would like another card in a Blackjack online game.

  • Early Surrender

This glossary term refers to players forfeiting half the amount of their ante bet before the dealer looks for a Blackjack in their hand.

  • Flat Bet

Used to indicate wagering where all stakes are of the same value for the duration of a game.

  • Hard Hand

Aces make the difference between Hard and Soft Hands. In a Hard hand, Aces count as 1.

  • Hit

Players Hit when they want another card.

  • Hole Card

The dealer’s first, face-down card.

Blackjack Cards and Chips

  • Insurance

In certain games, players may take an Insurance bet if the dealer’s up card is an Ace. This is separate wager from the ante and will typically pay out double if the dealer has received a Natural Blackjack. If not, the money is forfeited.

  • Late Surrender

This rule allows Blackjack online players to give up on their hands for the cost of half their ante bet, just like the Early Surrender. But they must wait to see if the dealer’s been given a Natural and can’t use this manoeuvre if they have.

  • Pat Hand

A hand worth 17 points.

  • Perfect Pair

Occasionally offered as a side bet in Blackjack online, this refers to 2 cards of the same suit and the same value. Other Pairs possible are Mixed and Coloured.

  • Push

When the dealer and player have card hands worth the same amount of points. Players will neither win the wager nor lose it.

  • Resplit

Sometimes players can Resplit if they’ve received a second Pair.

  • Split

An option when players have received 2 cards worth the same amount of money, a Pair. They can choose to divide them into 2 separate hands and play them both.

  • Soft Hand

If the Ace card is being used as 11 points.

  • Standing or Staying

A manoeuvre players use to indicate that they do not want any more cards.

  • Surrender

A rule which says that if players fold they’ll get half their ante bets back.

  • Twist

In Pontoon games, players Twist instead of Hit.

  • Up Card

The card lying face up on the Blackjack online table.