Five tips to help you win on the pokies

Playing on the pokies is great fun, but unfortunately you can’t always win. Yet that unpredictability makes the casino so enthralling. And, whilst nothing will ever guarantee you a win on the pokies, there are certain ways you can help yourself.

Here are our top five tips that could help you next time you play.

Know the game

Whether you’re playing at the local casino or checking out the range of pokies online at Lucky Nugget Casino, there are so many games to choose from. So, when it comes to playing for cash, it’s vital you stick with what you know.

Whilst they’re relatively easy to play, it’s important to understand the ways you can win, how bonus rounds operate and the minimum stakes, to ensure it’s for you. If you want to try out a new slot, it’s best to read up on it instead of going in blind.


Which type of player are you?

Following on from that, knowing how you play could seriously impact what games you should consider. Pokies that offer progressive jackpots are more suited to those with a bigger budget, because generally they pay out less frequently.

Whereas, the casual gambler should be more inclined to play on regular pokies because whilst the prize may not be as appealing, wins should come by more often. So, decide how you will approach it, as it could make a big difference.

Stick to your budget

This is vital for any casino game, but especially the pokies where the games can complete in a matter of seconds. It’s important that you set yourself a limit and stick to it. Similarly, know when to walk away if you get ahead.

Additionally, don’t rush through the games. If you play online they’re accessible all the time, whilst the casinos are open through the night, so don’t get caught up with emotion when playing. Take a break and come back because the pokies won’t be going anywhere!

Scout for bonuses

Once again, this can apply to playing online or in the local casino, but it’s always important to look for the best bonuses. That can be through a new offer, or loyalty points for playing on a certain game.

Either way, it could result in bigger wins or free spins, which could help you build your bankroll. So, next time you play be sure to ask if there are any existing offers on the pokies.

Have fun!


It’s important to remember that playing on the pokies is about having fun. The bright lights, tension and unknown is what makes the games so appealing. If you ever get to the point where that has gone, it’s time to stop.

It’s also important to accept that the house always have the edge, so in theory, you should expect to lose. Just ensure that whether you win or lose, you have fun.