Casino Bonuses And How They Work!

Casino bonuses are the bread and butter of the gaming world, with nearly every online casino on the internet offering them in one form or another. These bonuses often cover a wide variety of slot and table games; including blackjack bonuses, roulette bonuses and even baccarat bonuses. The most popular variety of bonus you will find though, is the typical sign-up bonus, which is quint-essential to the world of online casino. You will find a variety of sign-up bonuses that boost initial deposits, with amounts reaching up to $2000!

These bonuses come with a variety of caveats though, and while they don’t impact you negatively, you should know some of the lingo that goes along with these bonuses.

Wagering requirements and what they’re all about…

A variety of casinos employ wagering requirements, which are employed when a player wins from a free bonus. Wagering requirements are displayed with a ‘x’ multiplier. Basically, multiply the initial bonus by this figure and that is how many times you must win before you can withdraw the bonus in winnings.

You can check the wagering requirements before playing with the bonus. You need not be scared though, as wagering requirements are generally low and are often depleted quickly with good play. If you stick to your strategy you can smash these targets easily. Just hold your nerve!

Sign-up bonuses and how they work!

We may as well take a look at Lucky Nugget’s deposit bonus as an example of how they work.

At Lucky Nugget, we have two separate bonuses; the high roller bonus and the player bonus. If you are restricted to depositing small amounts- up to $200 – then the player bonus is perfect for you. It allows you to get double for your money, and is much more beneficial for low-bankroll players.

If you are looking to deposit up to $1000, our high roller bonus is ideal for you. This allows you to get double for your money, providing you more scope to play with. Our bonuses allow you to get loads more for your money!

That’s pretty much everything you need to know; take a look at our awesome range of bonuses at! Good luck at the casino!