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Online or land based slots: Which is better?


For many years, playing slot machines was something to be done on a night out, whether playing fruit machines in your local bar or playing at a casino. But in the last decade or so the real experience of playing slots has transferred from land based to online. Suddenly you have the chance to play thousands of different slot machine games on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. It’s no surprise that online slots have very quickly become the most popular Internet gambling activity.

Five movie reboots that have been more hit than miss


The first Jurassic World movie rebooted the Jurassic Park movie trilogy in a spectacular way, taking an incredible $1.67 BILLION at the box office, and Jurassic World 2, coming out in summer 2018, has the potential to eclipse that.

Rabbit in the Hat slot provides spellbinding fun!


If you’re looking for a slot that’s really fun to play, looks great, and best of all has a massive payout in the bonus games, look no further than the magical fun of Rabbit in the Hat. This magic themed 5 reel, 9 payline fun slot from Microgaming might not pay big in the main game, but the bonuses really can conjure up great wins, pulled direct from the magician’s hat.

Immortal Romance slot: Sink your teeth into a range of bonuses


In this vampire themed, Twilight with a twist, slots game from Microgaming, there’s a familiar feel to the gameplay. Anyone who loves the great graphics, incredible gameplay and massive bonus features of Thunderstruck II will find themselves enjoying Immortal Romance. The 2011 released slot beats Thunderstruck II though with better payouts.

This summer’s biggest movie releases!


At Lucky Nugget Casino we aren’t just about delivering a tremendous range of casino games, we also strive to keep you in the loop regarding everything going on in the entertainment world. Here we will be looking at this summers biggest movie releases, and there’s a lot to look forward to!

Top 10 rookie online casino mistakes to avoid


If you’re new to the online gambling world it may be a daunting experience. And, even if you’re not, there may still be aspects you don’t quite know, be it from sign up bonuses to the games on offer. Thankfully, Lucky Nugget Casino are here to help. We will rundown 10 rookie online casino mistakes that players make, so it won’t happen to you when you play our great games in the future!

Top 10 casino myths busted wide open!


Over the years, many casino myths have been passed on from player to player. Is it down to players losing and are convinced it’s more than just bad luck? Or do they just genuinely believe these myths are real? Whatever the reason, there are plenty that have done the rounds and here the team at Lucky Nugget Casino will run down  our favourite 10 casino myths.

Edward O. Thorp: The man behind card counting


Blackjack is a classic casino game, requiring skill, concentration and luck among other factors to emerge victorious. It’s part of what makes the game so thrilling. However, with the money at stake, it’s inevitable that players would do anything to win, and one way to ensure an advantage is by card counting.

Winnipeg casino gets told no

Casino chips on gaming table

After a long drawn out process, plans for Manitoba’s First Nations to bring a new casino to Winnipeg are still not finalised due to the Pallister government’s strong opposition. The issue doesn’t look like it will be resolved any time soon either, with the Grand Chief of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs declaring that they will now be exploring their legal options.