Will Google’s new tech affect the way we play?


Once upon a time, Google was just a search engine. However, the company is now a tech giant, producing everything from driverless cars to new VR headsets. At Lucky Nugget, we love looking at how new technology is going to affect our fantastic online casino games – so we’re checking out the new Google Pixel smartphone, as well as some of the company’s other tech which could affect how we play.

Will the Google Pixel change mobile gaming?

Image via Maurizio Pesce, Flickr

The Pixel is the newest luxury smartphone on the market, aiming to compete with Apple and Samsung for the top of the industry. It comes with a variety of built-in functions to make using your phone easier – for example, the assistant acts like Apple’s Siri, answering questions for you easily and quickly. There’s great functionality for taking and browsing photos, translating content, and keeping you organized. The camera claims to be “the highest rated smartphone camera. Ever.” It’s quite a bold claim, but it also means the phone screen should be optimized to provide great visuals – which is important for playing games.

Google Pixel by itself is unlikely to revolutionize the online gaming industry, but it’s liable to cause an upset to the Android phone marketplace. The built-in Google Assistant also means it’ll be instantly compatible with Google’s devices around the home – so it’ll be easier to sync it with any other Google tech you might own. Developers won’t have to worry about developing for a new operating system, but it promises endless innovation – so the Pixel line, in the future, could became a game-changer.

What about the rest of Google’s technology?

Image via Maurizio Pesce, Flickr

Google Daydream is the company’s signature VR headset, and it’s designed to work with Daydream-ready smartphones. Slide them in to the lightweight headset, and you’re ready to go. It works especially well with 360 degree panoramas, but more games are recognizing the draw of VR and adapting their content. The Daydream has an intuitive hand-held controller, making it ideal for motion sensitive games.

When VR is firmly established in the industry, many casino games will probably be set up to make use of it. You could play slots by pulling a level, like a proper one-armed bandit, or actually pick up and fold cards at table games. VR offers the chance to make casino games even more immersive and intuitive – we just need the games companies to start recognizing the appeal.

There’s also Google Chromecast, the streaming technology which is slowly sliding into ubiquity. Plugging a small dongle into your television allows it to receive signals from your laptop, phone or tablet; so, you can stream videos straight to your screen. It’s also easy to cast whatever appears on your actual screen, meaning you can broadcast what you’re looking at directly to your television. Casting online casino games could allow you to experience fun as a group, sharing the excitement of big wins with friends and housemates. However, if you’re hoping to play some poker together, it might be less than ideal – you don’t want everyone to be able to see your hand!

No matter whether you’re playing casino games on a sleek new smartphone or a bulky desktop, we know that their primary purpose is to entertain you. So, the Google Pixel is likely to be just one of the many ways you can enjoy online gaming.

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