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Hit TV show available as a slot


Here at Lucky Nugget Casino we have games that will appeal to all, from the traditional casino games like roulette and blackjack to a range of inspired slots. Here we will be taking a closer look at our slots, with one in particular, and we’re sure it will attract a big fan base!

A look at the best software for the gamers out there!


At Lucky Nugget Casino it is about striving for the best. From games with the most realistic graphics and gameplay that we could possibly offer to the biggest prizes to make your experience memorable, we want the players to have it all. It’s about creating a realistic casino experience, whether you rock up on the poker table, the roulette wheel or try out any of our themed slots. When it comes to gaming, the technological advancements have benefitted the players, and here we will be taking a look at what those advancements mean, and how they’ve changed.

Stay hydrated to maintain focus when gaming


Here at Lucky Nugget Casino there are many games that you can play, that all require different characteristics and qualities from the player. Whether it is the quick decision making, the ability to stay calm under pressure or just to stay focussed, the casino can be demanding in certain aspects and therefore it is important you are at the top of your game.

A look behind the casino games we love!


We all love the casino and the experience of playing the games. Whether it is the intense anticipation as you wait to see where the spin ends up on the roulette wheel, the hope that engulfs you as you seek a card in blackjack, or trying to bluff your way to victory on the poker table, the games are full of fun and excitement. However, another feature that makes gaming what it is, is perhaps taken for granted. The graphics, the sounds, the gameplay, all work seamlessly to create this games that we spend so much of our time enjoying. You just naturally expect everything to work, and it is down to certain people that it does.

Serve up some treats with the Centre Court slot


Here at Lucky Nugget Casino we pride ourselves on providing the best service available to all our players. Whether it is the classic casino games like blackjack and poker or the themed slots that we have on offer, all options are open, and more importantly, there are many ways for players to win!

Splitting in blackjack may seem complicated, this will help you out!


For many of us, blackjack is one of the best games to play when we go to the casino. That can be because of the low house edge that it has which makes it one of the most realistic games for you to win off from the casino. As well as that the speed of the game, the thrill of the unknown with the dealers’ hand and the quick decision making of whether to stick or twist combines to make blackjack enthralling and fun in equal measure.

Fight for prizes with the Karate Pig Slot!


Here at Lucky Nugget Casino, we offer so many games for the players. From the classic casino options like roulette and poker to a terrific range of slots. Now, we will focus on one game from our slots tab – the Karate Pig, and look at how the players can benefit from getting involved with this great slot.

Countdown begins for Edmonton’s new casino


For casino fans in Canada, September 7th is a date that should be marked in the calendar. That’s because it will see the big opening of the Grand Villa Edmonton development which will see a major casino and entertainment space arrive in the area and it sure to be a hit with fans and players from all over the country. It will be the first attraction of Edmonton’s Ice District.