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Will Google’s new tech affect the way we play?


Once upon a time, Google was just a search engine. However, the company is now a tech giant, producing everything from driverless cars to new VR headsets. At Lucky Nugget, we love looking at how new technology is going to affect our fantastic online casino games – so we’re checking out the new Google Pixel smartphone, as well as some of the company’s other tech which could affect how we play.

The greatest casinos in the world! Part 7: East Asia


Casinos aren’t just confined to the West. Many countries across East Asia also have their own thriving gambling markets – and they’re ideal if you want to explore the gaming scene on sunnier shores. If you’re looking for a gamblers’ paradise that’s a little different to Las Vegas, then Lucky Nugget can help you out. In the last part of our series of world casinos, we look at the best East Asian casinos.

The greatest casinos in the world! Part 6: France


The home of roulette, France is one of the greatest casino destinations in the world. Lucky Nugget have therefore stepped up to discover the best French casinos – for anyone looking to visit, or who just wants to learn more about the country which brought us classic games.

The greatest casinos in the world! Part 5: UK


If you’re looking to travel all the way to Europe for some fun casino gaming, then the UK is a great place to start. Lucky Nugget have taken a peek at the 155 gambling facilities available in Great Britain, and we’ve picked out the five best UK casinos.

The greatest casinos in the world! Part 4: Canada


Canada makes foreigners think of stunning natural landscapes, maple syrup and friendly locals – but the casinos here are also worth mentioning! Lucky Nugget has sifted through the 109 casinos open in the country to bring you the five best Canadian casinos.

The greatest casinos in the world! Part 3: New Zealand


New Zealand might not be top of every gamer’s hit-list, but this country has a lot to offer gamblers looking for land-based casinos thrills. Lucky Nugget takes a look inside the best New Zealand casinos across both the North and South Island.

The greatest casinos in the world! Part 2: Australia


Nothing can compare to the thrill of visiting an amazing land-based casino. The lights, the sounds, and the atmosphere all combine to create a magical world beyond your wildest dreams. In the second part of our new blog series, Lucky Nugget Casino is looking at the best Australian casinos.

The most popular apps around the world – revealed!


What’s been rocking your world so far in 2016? We’ve crunched the numbers to discover the most-downloaded apps on the App Store all around the world. Some of the names might be familiar, but there’s some surprises in here too.

The greatest casinos in the world! Part 1: USA


There’s something magical about casinos in the flesh: they represent a fantasy land where time doesn’t pass, and the world collapses down into nothing more than you and the game. So, our new blog series at Lucky Nugget Casino is dedicated to charting some of the greatest casinos in the world. We begin with the best US casinos.