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Rhyming Reels slot unleashes your inner child


Sometimes, we all need to take a moment and reflect on simpler things. We all remember what it was like to be a kid and encapsulated by nursery rhymes, so that’s what the Rhyming Reels slots are here to remind you of! Featuring amusing graphics and great bonus features, this is a slot that’s sure to make you smile and it’s just one of the great games available to play on Lucky Nugget.

Can you gamble in the UAE?


Casinos and online gaming sites are illegal in the United Arab Emirates, but how well is that enforced? Lucky Nugget takes a look at the world of betting in the UAE to find out more, including the penalties faced for breaking the law and the lucrative world of horse racing.

Max Damage is the slot that gives you many ways to win


At Lucky Nugget Casino, you can play many of your favourite casino games. Whilst the traditional table classics offer a great option, for a lot of players it’s all about the slots. The unpredictability, bright lights and the chance to hit the jackpot from one spin combine to make them a real winner.

Alternative New Year’s Resolutions for 2017


We’re two weeks into the New Year, which means one thing: your resolutions have probably already been broken. Maybe you decided to join a gym and haven’t even made it there once, or you pledged to give up alcohol and then went on a night out with friends. But that’s okay: the usual resolutions to be thinner, healthier or wealthier can be pretty boring. Instead, Lucky Nugget have come up with some alternative New Year’s Resolutions that you might even manage. Make 2017 interesting – and see if you can get them to last till the end of the year.

Five amazing ways to practice poker!


Whether you’re looking to improve on existing skills or just getting into the game, becoming skilled at poker takes some time and patience. The only way to improve is to practice. Here are Lucky Nugget Casino’s top tips on how to practice poker. Learn the plays, read your friends, and win those hands – and you’ll be taking on poker games before you know it.

The colourful, confusing world of pachinko


While gambling is currently illegal in Japan, there are certain exceptions. Casinos look set to become legal, as the legislation necessary is currently progressing through the Japanese parliament (the Diet). However, one of the biggest industries in Japan is pachinko. It’s gambling by any other name, but it has a huge presence across the country. Lucky Nugget’s news team have taken a peek inside the smoke-filled, neon-lit pachinko parlours to see how the games compare to more traditional video slots.

What is the Paroli system in roulette?


There are many different systems that you can apply when playing roulette. Whilst none will guarantee success, if you are on a budget or want to be disciplined when you play, they can be very useful. Here we look at the Paroli system and examine whether it will help you next time you take on the roulette wheel.

What’s happening with Canadian casinos in 2017?

canada gambling laws

The year is young, but there’s already been plenty of news regarding Canadian casinos. Here’s the Lucky Nugget Casino news round-up of everything that’s happened since 2017 began: keep an eye out for these stories in the future as many are still developing.